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SEUCH DKUCH SVv-14 Puksipuun Made for Zodias, Carrie

Carrie is a very happy and positive bitch with tons of energy. Quick to react and a fast learner which is both good and bad. This trait is, funnily enough, always passed down to her pups, as you never find them where you place them.

She is a Swedish exhibition champion; Carries eyes are examined and UA & she is vWd-free


Zodias Leo

Leo has inherited his mothers traits; also a very quick thinker and has plenty of energy. He is not afraid of exploring new situations and finding out for himself if there is danger or not.

He has done really well in exhibitions and received 3 certificates before his 2nd birthday.

He also has 22 Cacib.

On the 25/5-2011 he achieved Swedish exhibition champion and 18/6-2011 he achieved Danish exhibition champion.

30/9-2012 he also achieved Finish champion

which all resulted in Nordic champion.

He has been BOB 32 times  and BOS 4.

The 1/6-2013 got Leo his 11:th Cacib and it was in Germany and by that he is International Champion, CIB!

He is also a German champion and 14/12-2014 he became BOB in Stockholm and became Swedish Winner 2014!

He has 6 groupplacings and 1 BIS-4 placing.

Leo has 4 litters in Sweden.

He eyes are examined and UA which means he is available for breeding for suitable bitches.

Ausch Seuch Cuuchin Dusty Springfield, Dusty

Älvdrottningens Sky Witch, Loppan

Älvdrottningens Sweet Sheila, Sheila